As Noted
About Us

As Noted is a project of 5 experienced engineers who have a common background at Sun Microsystems. Meanwhile we are scattered all over the planet in Dublin, Hamburg, and Wellington.

The team of As Noted:

We believe that there is room in the market for a free and professional notes taking environment. As Noted can be downloaded and used by every body for free on many platforms. As Noted supports mobile devices running iOS or Android, and desktop PCs with an extension for Chrome. In addition, there won't be a lock-in, i.e. all notes belong to the user, and they are stored in XML format on the user’s devices or Dropbox storage. Furthermore, As Noted offers a round trip with Evernote; in the future we might support im'n'export with other note taking apps as well; other cloud storages are also an option to extend the As Noted environment.

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A few things need to be mentioned here. We are thankful to…


Responsible for and is Sabine Kalinowsky, Grünbergerstr. 13, 24537 Neumünster, Germany